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Neurosynthesis is a collective, compiled of individuals with diverse interests that love their work and take pride in building projects of outstanding excellence.

Some Of Our Services

    • Web Design

      We love the web! We create beautiful sites that enhance user experience. We use only premium templates that use all the latest trends in Web Design. Each site is fully customised to meet our client’s needs. Every design is unique, we never copy paste anything.

    • Web Development

      Building a site with astonishing look is only half the way. We use the best CMS packages to deliver a tailored solution to each customer. We only use Open Source software enhanced with custom code built in-house.

    • Web Hosting

      We offer personalised, managed hosting only. Even our smallest hosting package includes administration 24/7, software updates of your site and a pay as you go pricing model. We use the best Data Centres around the globe to deliver affordable, blazing fast performance. Each server in our rig is highly customised for optimal performance.

    • Application Development

      We create custom web applications or HTML5 native applications exclusively. Our applications are OS independent, centrally managed and hosted in our infrastructure. We make applications that fit exactly to your needs, we don’ t expect you to fit your needs in our applications.

    • Machine Learning

      We are proud of our data analysis skills! May it be a big data information extraction project or a custom recommender for your site, we can deliver the best result in reasonable time.

    • Internet Marketing

      SEO optimisation, social media campaigns, content authoring, internet advertising, affiliate advertising… you name it, we deliver the best strategy to promote your business.

Contact Us

  • Neurosynthesis is a Private Partnership Company.
    Our main office is located on the island of Chios, Greece.

    Please use the form beside to contact us and share your vision.
    We answer only to e-mails.

    After first contact, the right representative will follow up and discuss with you your needs. Finally, a formal proposal will follow, after we analyse the project and find the optimal solution based on budget and time constraints.