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Inda News is an online news portal with posts and articles of the main political, social, cultural and various other news of North Aegean, Greece and the rest of the world.

A dedicated editorial team provides readers their knowledge in communication and technology. They seek, organize and transmit news, facts and opinions with main principles the truth and objectivity.

Neurosynthesis developed an easy to navigate design. That makes the web site more likely to be visited by readers. The navigation menu has been simple and at the top and right position so that can easily be seen by the visitors. There is also social media integration. Exclusive and breaking news spread more on social media like Facebook and Twitter than news portals. By integrating with social media, news websites can reach to a large audience in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, reader comments and engagements are critical elements for a good news portal design. Therefore, a Social Media based Commenting System has been integrated to encourage conversations and allow human-to-human interaction thus creating a strong authenticity and reliability of the information. This website is built with a responsive web design, which makes it compatible with mobile devices and tablets and enables readers to access the site’s content and view it the way they love to do.




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Release Date: May 2020

Client: Inda News

Industry: Media & Publishing


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