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by NeuroSynthesis

Thorton World is an e-shop selling premium men’s watches.

In 2015 two friends Paul and Alex, with a long tradition in the watch world, set out to revolutionize the industry. The vision was to embrace the latest technological & mechanical developments, the true dedication to details and designing techniques but also to remain accessible to everyone. They teamed with Ken, a multi – award winning designer that shared the same passion. So in 2017 “THORTON” was born. Thorton’s watches are the urban contemporary accessory for confident men who live life to the fullest.

Neurosynthesis developed Thorton’s e-shop. It is a user friendly website with modern look in order to present these top-quality products. The slider used on the homepage features stunning imagery of high resolution photography. It ensures that the information is well-timed so users can absorb the content on each slide while the navigational arrows make it easy to see the next slide. The photos used on each product, of this e-shop, are of high quality and resolution were the customers can easily see every detail of the product. A store locator map plugin has been embedded where the visitors can easily find the store near them. Τhis website is built with a responsive web design, which makes it compatible with mobile devices and tablets.




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Release Date: May 2020

Client: Thorton World

Industry: Watchmakers


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