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4 Seasons Organic Food Market

by NeuroSynthesis

The 4 Seasons Organic Food Market, with 14 years of expertise in healthy nutrition, is the must-go food destination in the heart of Athens.

They provide high-quality organic foods from Greece and all over the world, while offering a wide range of excellent colors, aromas and textures. 4 Seasons products’ selection is being conducted based on their love for real food. Furthermore, their products meet the needs of many specialized food trends and/or choices, like vegan, keto, raw, fruitarian, gluten free, lactose free, salt free and sugar free diets.

Neurosynthesis developed a user friendly website with fresh and modern look in order to present these premium food products. On the homepage the visitor can easily be informed about bestsellers, offers, new arrivals, food trends and other important info. Ecommerce filters have been used (i.e. shop by type of product such as bio, gluten free, raw, vegan, etc) which make visitors’ shopping experience easier. Additionally, a recipes section (with recipes from famous chefs and bloggers) and a news section have been integrated with articles about food and many other interesting subjects. This helps to get organic traffic via search engines and get an extra edge on social media. Τhis website is built with a responsive web design, which makes it compatible with mobile devices and tablets.



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Release Date: June 2021

Client: 4 Seasons

Industry: Organic Food Market & E-Shop


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