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Blue Vibes is a boat charter company located in Portoheli, in the South – East Peloponnese.

Blue Vibes can provide you with extraordinary ribs and experienced skippers to explore the nearby islands. Other services include day trips around the area and special occasions services such as wedding photo shooting on a boat or VIP transfers. Also you can combine your luxurious stay on a villa with a high speed boat rental. Blue Vibes charter boats are perfect for couples, families or a group of friends who want to spend a day in the sea, seeking a cost-effective experience without compromising luxury or service.

Our company developed a user friendly website with modern look in order to present the luxurious services provided. The slider used on the homepage features stunning imagery of high resolution photography. It ensures that the information is well-timed so users can absorb the content on each slide while the navigational arrows make it easy to see the next slide.  The visitor can easily find the information they need (about equipment, design, etc) quickly and understandably. Images of high quality have been used so that someone can see in detail at a boat’s interior. Also a booking request form is placed on each boat’s specification page. Τhis website is built with a responsive web design, which makes it compatible with mobile devices and tablets.




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Release Date: June 2020

Client: Blue Vibes Bespoke Charters

Industry: Boat Charterers


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