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All Greek Villas is a global event company and its mission is to organize unforgettable events and lifestyle experience in Greece and on-hand to assist with any lifestyle requests.

All Greek Villas has expanded into over 16 locations around Greece providing an unbeatable lifestyle management service. From Mykonos to Santorini, Athens to Crete, Corfu to Zante and the magic mainland of Greece, All Greek Villas local fixers are on hand to provide the ultimate in insider, specialist and localised knowledge.
Neurosynthesis developed a user friendly website with a modern and sleek look in order to present these luxurious accommodations and services.
The slider used on the homepage features stunning imagery of high resolution photography. It ensures that the information is well-timed so users can absorb the content on each slide. The photos used on each accommodation or other service are of high quality and resolution were the customers can easily see every detail. There are some, easy to use tools. On each villa there’s a ‘’Villa Inquiry Button’’ and a ‘’Check Availability Button’’. Also a brochure download and a map showing each accommodation’s exact place have been used for the visitors’ convenience. There’s also a B2B online booking service tool for travel agents. This website is built with a responsive web design, which makes it compatible with mobile devices and tablets.



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Release Date: March 2019

Client: All Greek Villas

Industry: Concierge Services & Events


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